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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Why the fuck do we censor swear words still?

I am absolutely miffed that we still censor ourselves from using swear words everywhere and everyone. Seriously swear in front of your kids.. who cares. Let me explain first , you cornhole twat then you can disagree with your stick up the ass way of thinking.

Two of the most popular words in an adults vocabulary are "Fuck" and "Shit" yet they are deemed swear words and forbidden to be used in news print , mainstream television , in everyday public forums ,..etc because they are bad thats what we've been told since we were little.

Lets examine the words and why we need to censor them

Fuck. A street slang term that means to have sex with.. for eg. "I wanna fuck her/him" translates into I wanna have sex with you. So whats the big hub bub? I want to have stick my penis in her vagina... I want to FUck her. Same bloody meaning and Saved myself 15 letters of typing to boot.

Its also morphed into a expressive verb for eg. " HOLY FUCK! THATS FUCKING AWESOME!!!" this PG'd down into " HOLY COW! THATS REALLY AWESOME". Its ok to teach kids that if you're bad you will burn in hell for eternity by this real demon known as Lucifer whom watches you like Santa but its wrong to say Fuck in front of these same kids? really? Seriously do we even know what we are censoring ourselves from nowadays?

Fuck has also taken on the "smurf"ism persona and can be used to replace words to express one's current emotional state. For eg. " Get the FUCK out! you dumb fuck!" .. normally one would say " Please exit the room! you dumb person!" .. when you want ot make a point , you exchange the normal words with Fuck and you have a much more succesful way of expressing yourself. So the word Fuck is even more favourable useage.

So whether you use the word FUCK or not , the content is still there and isnt that what should be censored? Its taboo for me to say "She would be a wicked FUCK" in public but " She would be so wicked having intercourse with"... reallY?

Lets carry on, how about the anti christ of vocabulary.. "SHIT". Its poo. There's no sub context to this word , its just another word for poo. Its an unsanctioned street slang term but its used more than the real words of poo , poop , feces , dung , crap , ...etc There's no hidden meaning in these words to censor them from kids.. its not like the word Fuck or Shit have a hidden meaning of "I am a satan loving , murdering rapist..and Im also lazy and envious of rich people". No , they mean what they mean just like the official words in the dictionary.

"Goddamn" I actually understand and respect that being more a "taboo" or "swear word" because you are calling out a religious figure that is very meaningful to somebody and asking God to condemn something/someone. Basically there's a .... wait for it... CONTEXT to that phrase.

Its the context we should be censoring dont you think? just lift the ban on all swear words. If I said " I wanna Fuck the shit out of her " in front of your kids , would you be pissed at me for simply swearing or would you still be pissed at me caz I said " I wanna copulate her feces out of her anus".. right? its the context. Who cares what words we choose , FUck and shit are just words.

I petition to Webster , Oxford , Ponns , Duden ,... to sanction and accept all swear words as official usable words. We use them anyways why not sanction them. Maybe a med student can write their thesis on " Shit or Fucking" and not be scolded for using words that are more used than the actual words.

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